Thursday, May 8, 2014

Marching On

So March Marched on....kind of right smack over my face.

April was a blur and holy cow it is now May.

Roughly 29 days until we start another Texas summer!

Lots going on here at the Bryant house- Here's a rough recap of March and April


We had visitors!  Our favorite Irish neighbors from Dubai came to visit!  They lived next door to us in Jumeirah Islands.  They have 3 girls and 1 boy.  Sound familiar?
Here's the McFeely-Bryant crew back in Dubai.

And here they are reunited 2.5 years later in Singapore!!!!
A trip to the zoo was in order....

Luke and Rory are usually surrounded by girls.  
Breakfast with the orangutans!
The polar bear was thrilled to see the Irish!

We hit Chinatown-

Gardens by the Bay-
Snuck away for some adult time!

And of course could not let them leave without some Din Tae Fung-
Dumplings for 12 please!
These two were so small when they were neighbors in Dubai!
They really hit it off.  We renamed them HeidiLilly.

This is what entertaining 8 kids can do to you.
We love you McFeely's!!!  See you again one day on your turf!

Speaking of the Irish-

Olivia performed in the Irish Parade for St. Patricks Day!
SO proud of all the hard work this girl has put into Irish Dance.
She started in Dubai and has just loved it!

Waiting for the show to start!
Look at that smile!  She loves it!

Only Lilly Bryant can fall asleep in the middle of an Irish Parade.

Luke enjoyed the Irish Parade too.

Speaking of Luke-

He started baseball. 

And flag football.

He learned all there is to know about Cambodia.

And participated in his first science fair!
Luke walked/ran 18 laps at the Second Grade Walk-a-Thon!
He raised $115 for a local food bank!  

We celebrated Easter!
We made pony bead cross necklaces to kick off the Holy Week.
(ummmm..this was not easy)

Bunny cake started the Easter weekend-

No comment.

The bunny found us- 

The bunny brought chocolate and blow up pool toys?
(The bunny really needs a Target at Easter)

We hitched a ride on the bus to mass (kids love this)
and then to a fancy Easter brunch with friends-
Easter Sunday 2014

The brunch was on Sentosa Island.

It's not a brunch overseas without a magician

It was a great Easter that ended like this...

Besides Irish and Easter there has been:
Scooter rides down Orchard Blvd for $1 ice cream sandwiches.

Also strolls with slurpees
There was water safety for Lilly
And a princess extravaganza at The American Club!
There was also taking the princess to see the princesses on ice.

Deric traveled to Morocco...and this happened.
Lilly helped Blake get ready for TDT
She also got a hold of my phone.

We had this visitor at our pool!

Liv roller bladed around and around and around the pool-

Deric spoke to 300 6th graders about what Ecolab does for water conservation and filtration.
He gave out door prizes for participation and each kid got a Nalco water bottle.  

Super cool.

The ping pong table came back out. Sigh.
It's still there.
I celebrated the Oscars with sweet friends.
Lilly had the pool to herself.
Kids and I spotted more giant lizards.

We had sweet friends over for taco night.
We scootered back and forth to school.

Played my little pony poolside

And lastly, Luke and Deric made a pine box derby car for boy scouts.
Yes, yes, Luke did all the work.

Aggie-themed of course.

They had a great time racing and Luke's car even won a few heats!

Deric had his pine wood derby car from when he was a kid!
They raced and Luke was the winner!  Fun day!

That's it!  That's all I gots.  

No Lilly you can't go to Texas with Daddy.

Cheers from Singapore!